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I break down the 5-star filet mignon of professional-quality photography and show you how to make it with the ingredients and equipment you already have

Scroll down for just a few examples of what my photography has looked like after I mastered what I'm offering to show you.

Photography isn't a secret to be guarded. It's a gift to be shared.

Hilton Milwaukee Wedding Photographer Chandelier Bride
Wedding Tea Lights Under Tree Riveredge Nature Center West Bend
Sturgeon Bay wedding bride and groom portrait with bridge at dusk
First Lutheran Church Wedding, Madison, Family Portraits

Do you want to become a professional, or at least more proficient, photographer but don't know where to start?

How do other photographers seem to just walk around getting better pictures with same gear you have, at the same locations?

Why are your exposures different from shot to shot, even within the same scene?

How would you like to get consistently beautiful photos, on purpose?

How would you like to feel like you've mastered your camera as a tool?

Here's the thing: You can't learn this stuff just by going out and taking more pictures. (I know. I tried, and it held me back.)

You know Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, guys like that? They were super talented, but they all had masters to mentor them. Da Vinci had Verrochio. Beethoven had Haydn, von Goethe and others.

You need someone to show you the principles so you can run with them and do your own thing.

I'm not da Vinci, but I can tell you the exposure triangle is one of the worst things that has happened to photography education.

For decades, I've seen photographers, myself included, learn the exposure triangle of shutter speed, aperture and ISO and still be stuck on exposure for years.

I see photographers waste so much time with exposure, they don't have time to learn about the most important thing in photography: light. If you don't master exposure, you can't master light, or flash, or most of photography.

The exposure triangle is ineffective.

I'll show you a new way to look at exposure that you won't forget because you already know. But nobody has shown you that you know.

Let me show you how to quantum leap your photography from snapshots your grandma says are “nice” to juicy, meaty images that can get you more of the satisfaction, clients and joy you want out of photography.

I'm developing a video instruction set that will deliver all of the essential information you need to kick start your photography and skip years of struggle.

But it's not ready yet.

If you want to learn these secrets, please contact me for a 1-on-1.