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Feel like you're not getting enough out of photography?

You're not alone. If you've struck out on expensive online classes and are still confused about what to do in most situations, you're not alone. If you're struggling with turning your vision into money, if you've given up on flash, if you feel your gear just isn't good enough or are tired of pictures that are just mediocre, you're not alone.

But if you've been taking classes, watching videos or reading books and can't explain how you arrive at perfect exposure for a given scene, then what you’re doing isn’t working and isn’t going to.

You’re stuck, like most beginners get stuck, on the hamster wheel of settings and equipment.

And there’s an entire industry that wants you stuck.

An endless array of gurus offering you subscription drips of tips and tricks that build no foundations and always leave you relying on someone else to tell you how to make a good picture, or promises of making six figures if you just follow a system.

Tons of photographers several years into the hobby with expensive gear are still shooting like newbies. And then they complain the gear isn’t good enough, dump it and trade up to the newest tech!

What would it be worth if one tiny consult meant you could use 5-10% more of your camera, get 5-10% more out of EVERY scene, get 5-10% more “keepers?” That’s being conservative. That could be the 5-10% you need to feel better about your photography.

Free consult, click here

Look, you don't need to be a professional. But eventually you want your photography to go somewhere, don't you?

I mean it's fun to have fancy gear and push the buttons, but is that all you want it to be, fancy gear and pushing buttons? Because for millions of photographers, that's all the money and time ever amounts to, and then they hate their pictures, get bored and quit.

What if you could have a professional walk you through the quickest path to better pictures, and the first and most important steps didn't even involve settings or equipment?

Getting that live from a seasoned pro for $40? That’s an average oil change, and it’s a lot more fun.

Free consult, click here

Don't you want to create pictures that are at least personally satisfying?

Do you actually want to be able to solve photographic problems on your own instead of relying on forums, rewatching a video or trying to remember what that book said?

Would you like to walk into your next paid shoot with more confidence?

You can. Regardless of what equipment or experience you have, I can get you on par with basic professional results quickly.

Free consult, click here

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