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Free online photography education for beginners

Do you cringe when people say your photos are just "nice" as they flip through them faster than a teller counting bills? Do you keep spending money on gear and classes just to say you're only in it for the fun? Get real. Everyone wants awesome pictures. Can you think of an activity that's less fun when you win? I'm not talking about getting rich. I'm talking about being able to purposely craft amazing photographs, whether you want to make money at it or just put some real art on the walls.

I'm not the YouTube star you know -- the "I've been you. I made it, and now I'm going to charge you big money to see how you can do it too," blah blah blah guy.

That guy is a dime a dozen.

I'm the grunt. I'm the blue-collar photographer you don't see and hear, the guy who ground out a living as a photographic craftsman until he decided teaching was way more enjoyable.

So enjoyable that I just want to do it my way, even if nobody is paying me. And eventually, if you like it, I may build it into a pay platform.

But right now, all I ask is that if you like what you're receiving, how this is helping you grow as an artist or craftsperson, if this is taking your photography to the next level, even helping you make some bank --

all I ask is that you also give a little back and help support my effort. The website alone is $199 a year.

Oh, and tell others where to come, please.

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