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Digital Archiving Samples

Digital Archiving Services

Need an archival copy of artwork? Digital archiving is the solution for converting your precious 2D or 3D art into a faithful digital copy for purposes of submission, copyright filing, preservation, commercial or personal use.

I perform digital archiving in a controlled, calibrated environment. I light each piece evenly, photograph for proper exposure, and then correct for color and brightness using custom calibration processes.

About Whites and Color

Do the whites not quite match the pure white of a Web background? That's ideal.

Art paper comes in a great variety of whites, some warmer and some cooler. And white paints, pastels and pencils aren't all the same shade of white either. I don't correct so every white looks the same as a pure Web background. I correct so the whites and colors in the digital archive are faithful to your original, even if the white in the original is off, and that's the point of archiving -- authenticity.

Also, screens display colors differently, which is just a fact of the industry. So don't expect all devices to display a faithful reproduction of the digital file. The best way to know you're seeing a faithful reproduction is to first make sure I'm doing the archiving. Second, you would need a calibrated monitor. And to reproduce it in print you'd need a professional lab.