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Gear & Resources

Equipment Resources

  • Good Gallery: Modern websites for photographers
  • Nations Photo Lab: Affordable prints
  • ExpoDisc: Exposure and white balance tool
  • Phottix: Flash triggers and other accessories
  • Adorama: Online photo retailer (my primary source for new, used and refurbished gear)
  • Zenfolio: Print and digital product fulfillment


  • UV Filters and Lens Cleaning
  • TTL Flash Basics
  • How to Freeze Motion With Flash
  • Self Portrait Explanation
  • Exercises Using Manual Flash
  • About RAW and JPEG Files
  • Gary Fong Diffusion Dome (Discussion)
  • The Sunny 16 Rule (More than a rule, a concept for exposing for light quantity, not subject)

Equipment List

  • Nikon D4 DSLR
  • Nikon D700 & D300 DSLRs with grips
  • Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G VR II lens
  • Nikkor 24-120 f/4 VR II
  • Nikkor 85 1.8G
  • Nikkor 50 f/1.8G
  • Extension tubes for macro
  • Nikon SB-800 x2 and SB-700 Speedlights with Phottix Odin II radios
  • Alien Bee 800 /w battery and 64" PLM umbrella
  • ICE Light LED
  • Torchlight LED
  • 28" and 43" soft boxes, shoot-through umbrellas
  • Rogue Flashbender large soft box kit
  • Rogue grid /w color gels
  • Flashpoint LTSP85ACH & LTSP10ACP light stands, Bogen 3216 light stick
  • Sekonic L-758 light meter
  • Manfrotto 055MF3 Magfiber tripod
  • Omega Reflector
  • Nikkor TC 20E 2x teleconverter
  • Adobe CC Lightroom and Photoshop, Nik suite
  • ColorChecker Passport
  • Lexar Pro and SanDisk Extreme CF storage