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You're wasting 99% of your camera and lenses, until you put them in last priority.

When I started out, I thought professionals got their images because they had more money, more time, fantastic locations, better cameras, better lenses, better luck and were simply born gifted artists.

You don't need any of that to make pro-quality photos.

It took me 20 years to learn to flip the script on everything I thought was holding me back, and when I did I finally broke through into more and more professional opportunities.

I can teach you to break through faster than you ever thought possible -- in some cases immediately.

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River Bend Reflections

Let me ask you this: How many pro photographers right now will give you the time of day to walk you through their craft so you can be one of their competitors?

Zero, unless you pay college-level prices. Do you have $10,000 lying around for private photography instruction?

How many gurus will take the time to spell out how photography works and hold your hand as you walk through it? They don't have time for that, and you're not worth it to them.

Book Now with Photography Survival School by Joel Nisleit

Most photographers take the slow path to success: buy gear, learn about settings, and then after years of frustration, resort to snickering academic debates online, or the sad obsession with gear comparison and oneupmanship.

I give you meat on the first bite, the shortest path I know: put light before everything else, and then funnel it into your gear.

I'll spoon-feed you my simplified 4-pillar approach to light for every photograph, and my specific 5-step system for crafting pro-level images.

You'll learn:

- 4 ways I break down every lighting scenario

- 5-step approach for every image I make

- The four "magic" angles of any subject

- The three-layers principle

- The 10-step system to break your addiction to gear, education and online debates that keep you on the beginner treadmill

- The gear you really need, and the gear you don't

- My exclusive 15-minute breakdown of how exposure works so you can master it and move on

Book Now with Photography Survival School by Joel Nisleit

But I can promise you one thing: You won't master photography simply by taking your camera out, taking more pictures and experimenting with settings -- until you make understanding light a priority.

The longer it takes to make light your No. 1 priority, the longer it will take you to master photography.

The longer it takes you to see light separately from everything else going on, the longer it will take you to make your first breakthrough.

But what does it mean to see light like a photographer? How exactly do you "put light first," and how is putting gear last going to help you?

With my direct coaching and condensed approach, I can help you become the photographer you want much faster.

Book Now with Photography Survival School by Joel Nisleit

How much time do you spend daydreaming about a better camera or lens that will supposedly unlock the great photographer in you?

How much money have you spent on special effects software, presets and YouTube videos trying to bring dead snapshots to life in editing?

How many times have you left a scene excited, only to become completely deflated when you went home to look at the pictures on your computer?

How many times have you gagged a little bit when someone looked at your best pictures and said, "Those are nice"?

How would you like to become the photographer you want without any different equipment, turn your camera into an artist's tool and work real photographic magic — without hours fixing photos later?

Book Now with Photography Survival School by Joel Nisleit

What could you do if you weren't mystified by exposure or flash? What could you do if you could figure out the best settings for a scene without having to ask or refer to a guide?

What could you do if your pictures justified your gear? If your images finally lived up to what you felt or experienced?

Stop the excuses. Stop buying equipment (until you know exactly why you need it and how you're going to improve your storytelling with it).

What would it be worth if one tiny consult meant you could use 80-99% more of your camera, get 90% more out of your sensor, get more “keepers,” charge more for your hard work? That’s being conservative.

Book Now with Photography Survival School by Joel Nisleit

Colleges require you to waste money on general studies like calculus, modern Russia and sociology of gender. Why would you want to go through all that when you just want to learn photography?

You could pay $5,000 to $10,000 tuition for years of boring textbook courses and months of filler. Or you can get straight to the foundation you need to build pro pictures for a tiny fraction of the price.

Seriously, you can work with me -- and it works just as well over video as it does in person -- for just $50 an hour. Yep!

But how many hours will it take to master it? That's hugely up to the kind of time and practice you put in.

I have a 5-part approach to pictures with a 4-part approach to light, so you're looking at about a $450 total investment, if you choose. But think about how you could improve your pictures without necessarily spending a dime more on gear.

Plus there's zero commitment. No contract. No up-front dollar amount. You pay as you go and stop when you want.

Ready to boost your photography now? Let's set up your first session!

Book Now with Photography Survival School by Joel Nisleit