Getting Ready Pictures, Should You Do Them?

Are you on the fence about including getting ready pictures in your wedding photography plan? Here’s why they’re a good idea and what you might miss out on if you don’t get them.

bride getting ready beauty
A beauty shot of the bride’s fresh hair and makeup during getting ready coverage.

Top 5 reasons to do getting ready pictures

  1. Getting ready pictures are valuable because they help tell a complete story of your day. They’ll also include some of the most beautifully lit and directed as well as candid photos of the day. It can minimize group portrait time after the ceremony, as that’s typically best reserved for group shots featuring the bride and groom united.
  2. Include the guys. It’s a big day for the groom too! This is the best chance to get those dramatic solo shots of the groom looking his freshest in that handsome outfit, as well as with family and friends. Without this coverage, the album may feel like it’s missing a piece of the story.
  3. Schedule preparations so that the girls and guys get ready at separate times. It’s best to get the guys’ preparations out of the way first. Then the photographer can focus on the beautiful bride. Proper scheduling lessens the need for a second photographer to cover simultaneous events. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t need a second photographer. It’s best to discuss your schedule and needs with your photographer before you book.
  4. Hair and makeup time is great for candids of the bride with her bridesmaids, and a few highlights as she get her lips and eyes done. Girls won’t want too many shots of themselves with unfinished hair and makeup in an album. If your schedule is tight, skip hair and makeup pictures and do the guys’ coverage.
  5. Every photographer does prep coverage differently. Set up a complimentary planning session, if your photographer offers one, and understand whether this coverage is included. Discuss the benefits of it and address any questions or concerns you may have.

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