Beaver Dam Wedding Venues Beaver Dam Country Club, Joey + Katie

Joey and Katie picked the right Beaver Dam wedding venues for their Wisconsin wedding in August. Chapel of the Archangels hosted a beautiful  ceremony and Beaver Dam Country Club hosted the reception.

beaver dam wedding venues

Katie looked stunning in her vintage glam dress and the headpiece was such an elegant touch. It tied her look together with the silver and rhinestone band on the dress and lace motifs, so it was important to feature those details. Katie’s dress itself was an antique cream, perhaps a hint of peach.

beaver dam wedding venues

For accents, the couple went for a peacock theme, which carried through the bouquet with vibrant purples, blues and greens, and into the bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen’s ties and vests, and table centerpieces.

Joey and Katie totally rocked together, so it was a joy to be there throughout the day, but one of my favorite memories was during the ceremony when Joey stomped on the wine glass and all the guests yelled “Mazel tov,” which, by the way, is an expression of congratulations or good luck. I’d never witnessed that before!

Bridal party photography took place at the Dodge County Historical Society, where we made use of the train and historic library. Then we took advantage of the spacious and well landscaped grounds of Beaver Dam Country Club. The golf course offered us nice soft light and trees barely starting to turn yellow.

As always, the staff are what make Chapel of the Archangels and Beaver Dam Country Club some of my favorite Beaver Dam wedding venues. They were gracious, friendly and professional throughout, a pleasure to work with.

Once again I’m humbled to have had the honor of photographing a beautiful wedding. I had a blast designing Joey and Katie’s custom album and slideshow. I’m honored to be your photographer.


ImageJoel Nisleit is a Beaver Dam, Wisconsin wedding photographer with designer flair searching for his next rock star couple right now. Contact Joel for quick, expert help getting the photography of your dreams.

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