Once upon a time

Be honest. How much sleep have you lost over this one day? If you're my type of bride, you'll lose some, if you haven't already. It's what happens when you care, and I love it when couples care about how their weddings are remembered. It's kind of a big life event.

You probably half expect me to talk about how much impact I'll have on your wedding day, or the importance of hiring a photographer. But the fact is you don't need any photographer to have an awesome time on your wedding day. You know how to have fun.

One day -- not always right away -- it'll come into focus. It's not a set time. It could be when you pay a bill, have a kid, build a house, repaint a room, even retire. You'll feel an urge and it'll be impossible to resist looking back at "Once upon a time." When your pictures spark the rest of that fairy tale, that's when I do my real job.


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Inspired by you

What if all you have left at the end of the night is a flashlight and your spouse? You'll still get magic. The main light I used for the above portrait of Ashley and Chris came from the lights and lanterns they strung around the tree.

My inspiration for your pictures is you -- and everyone and everything you choose to surround yourself with. There's no candid vs. posed, flash vs. natural light. No limits. All work together to serve the story and depend on your preferences, which I'd be happy to hear.


From barn
to ballroom

There may be such things as photographers who do only weddings with a certain aesthetic, but you don't have to limit yourself. You don't want a photographer who does well only when locations suit her or conditions are easy. You want a photographer who finds the unique beauty and story of anyone, anywhere, any time and brings it out.

Whether you're camera shy or love being the center of attention, whether you get dressed in a chicken coop and married in a ballroom, or vice versa, you'll look like you came out of a fairy tale.

Favorite things

  • Dramatic light and shadow, true colors, simplicity
  • Classic grace, vintage opulence
  • Smoldering, soft romantic portraits
  • Depth, mood, dimension
  • Feel and luster of printed album pages
  • Difficult light, beautiful light
  • Knowing my work is your family history
  • Creating during capture vs. later in software



  • Dull or funky skin tones that are unnatural
  • Blue/purple tints to white dresses
  • Flower crowns, "film" looks, bright & airy, matte & dingy, gritty & raw, excessive filter effects
  • Styled shoots. Wedding photos for the purpose of publication.
  • Pictures stuck in hard drive jail
  • Vendors who don't get back to you quickly
  • Snobs
  • Photographers talking down about posing, direction or flash out of ignorance or laziness


Wedding Portraits of Derek & SaraWedding Portraits of Derek & SaraPortraits of Derek and Sara, family and wedding party at Cathedral of St. John, Lake Park, Villa Filomena.


When you hire Joel Nisleit Photography, you're not getting a sales rep, do-all agency or associate. You're working directly with the primary and only artist -- a dedicated wedding expert with 5 years of wedding experience and 7 years of prior photojournalism experience. 

You get direct access to my full-time availability and resources. I don't spend time getting published, doing other portraits or another day job. This is what I do.

You'll have the advantage of my world-class training in lighting, storytelling, photojournalism and business so you can be sure, regardless of your locations, overall budget, "type" of wedding or personality, you'll get results consistent with my portfolio. Many of my clients are excited just to see what I will do with them artistically on their wedding day, in addition to capturing the traditional shots.


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