Horicon Beaver Dam wedding photographerJoel Nisleit Self PortraitIf you're looking for the best Horicon, Beaver Dam or Fond du Lac photographer, stop right here.

Welcome to Milwaukee, Fond du Lac and Madison, Wisconsin wedding photography that's glamorous without excuses.

If one of my images has stopped you in your tracks, glad to have you here! I look forward to learning about you, your fiancé and wedding, so tell me something about you, or use my live chat and I'll be happy to help.



The art

Your pictures will be made from the best materials: your soul and expressions, purposeful lighting, creative use of environment, attention to details, your narrative, encouragement from loved ones. The No. 1 way to get a feel for my work is check out my albums.

Wedding pictures should be for the times, not of the times. What you see is achieved 80 to 90 percent in the camera and then gently, individually developed to retain its purity. I won't mass-process the richness out of your colors and contrasts with filters everyone else is using.

For images that become history in your albums and wall enlargements, my retouchers put extra care into making the ideal representation of each portrait.


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My most wanted couples

I'm looking for couples who'd rather get married in a cardboard box than skimp on photography -- because at least I could still make the box look good. My clients don't have one particular kind of wedding or overall budget. They simply make photography a priority so they'll never have to say, "Nobody looks at wedding pictures anyway."

I want couples who get this isn't a World War II documentary and look forward to being part of a creative process in which they shine the brightest. With my blend of direction and photojournalism, you'll be amazed at the images you get regardless of restrictions, constraints or challenges such as lighting.

If you've long been dreaming of a family album to keep the beauty, emotion, romance and history alive and to pass down, you're on my most wanted list. You want peace of mind that your heirloom will hold up because you're doing this only once and your pictures will be worth more tomorrow, next year and next generation than they are today.


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The artist

I'm a husband to my amazing wife, Heather, whose generous soul is full of love [she rolls her eyes, then laughs].

We love traveling but when I see an opportunity to make an amazing image, Heather stays in the car with a book. What can I say? I'm addicted to gorgeous light.

We live in Horicon, Wisconsin and enjoy horror and sci-fi movies, trying new restaurants and recipes, game nights, getting together with our families.

Heather has a full-on McDonald's Diet Coke addiction. When I can, I get my hands on a Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich with cheese, or something from Ralph Lauren, whichever is easier. 


"Are you available for my wedding?"


What clients love

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"Our pictures are the best ever! We received many compliments from family and friends on how incredible the quality of the photos were.... Thanks Joel for leaving us with fantastic memories!" - Johvanna Mercado

"Absolutely amazed by the quality of your work!" - Stephanie & Jeff

"The quality of his work is unique and exceptional.... He takes time to make sure everything is just right while shooting the images, and the end result is beyond what we were expecting." - Jodi

"We were so pleased with his images, he absolutely exceeded our expectations! If you're looking for a kind, fun, extremely talented photographer, Joel Nisleit is the best of the best." - James


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