Horicon Beaver Dam wedding photographerJoel Nisleit Self PortraitIf you're looking for the best Horicon, Beaver Dam or Fond du Lac photographer, stop right here.

As a classic, romantic Southeast Wisconsin wedding photographer, I turn "Nobody really looks at their wedding pictures anyway" into "Our pictures are the best ever."

Nothing says that more than pictures you can't stop looking at. If you find that here, please explore, tell me about you or use my live chat and I'll be happy to help.



Artist statement

As soon as stick meets lip, brush meets hair or tie meets suit, you've chosen a fairy tale for your wedding day. 

So celebrate it already!

Your wedding will be real no matter what your photographer does. Sneaking around in shadows, shooting from the bushes won't make it more real or emotional, nor will a little lighting and gentle direction make it less so.

Sometimes it's the gentle prompts that cue up something far more impactful than if the moment had simply breezed past you. And sometimes, yes, the photographer just needs to stand back.

I don't place arbitrary rules on awesomeness -- like not doing something because of what someone else thinks wedding photography should be, or, worse, doing it for that same reason.

If there's an awesome picture, we're pretty much going to do it, as long as it stays true to your story and doesn't interrupt natural magic in progress. You'll never get another day just like this as long as you live, so I embrace every opportunity.

And I won't do it how everyone else does. This is my craft and my promise.


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My couples

  • Want the best wedding photography they can get because it means so much and can't be redone
  • Scoff when people say, "Nobody looks at wedding pictures anyway"
  • Expect a creative professional who'll help with lighting, direction, photojournalism, whatever helps them shine their brightest regardless of conditions
  • Are looking for commitment and proven results
  • Enjoy classical, romantic pictures that have a natural feel
  • Want deep, rich, glamorous images that are vibrant
  • Don't want bright and airy, flat contrast (matte), pastel colors -- the usual look
  • Want something they haven't seen a bazillion times


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What clients love

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"Our pictures are the best ever! We received many compliments from family and friends on how incredible the quality of the photos were.... Thanks Joel for leaving us with fantastic memories!" - Johvanna Mercado

"Absolutely amazed by the quality of your work!" - Stephanie & Jeff

"The quality of his work is unique and exceptional.... He takes time to make sure everything is just right while shooting the images, and the end result is beyond what we were expecting." - Jodi

"We were so pleased with his images, he absolutely exceeded our expectations! If you're looking for a kind, fun, extremely talented photographer, Joel Nisleit is the best of the best." - James


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