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Getting Ready Pictures

As your photographer, I'm happy to design coverage around what you need, whether or not that includes getting ready. I recommend getting ready coverage, and I'd love to share how it works and the beautiful images you would get from it.

Groom first

Contrary to chivalry, the guys go first for getting ready pictures. This is because the women are usually doing hair and makeup at this time and most of my clients have no interest in using my time to photograph them without makeup or hair done. This also eliminates one of the biggest needs for a second photographer. I do complete coverage of the groom first and then, when women are ready with hair and makeup done, cover the bride right up until the ceremony. Everyone looks their freshest, and there's minimal travel, which means you're using more of my time for pictures.

I ask for 1.5 hours to cover the groom. When I arrive, I'll take maybe 15 minutes to survey the location for the best and most interest locations for portraits. I may begin with candid coverage of the guys hanging out, getting everyone warmed up to the camera. 

As the groom dresses from the waist up, I'll capture him in the best possible light. These will be fashionable portraits that tell the story of him getting ready. We'll then have some creative play time to bring out the groom's personality in a variety of fun, artistic, dramatic, awesome portraits.

After the groom's getting ready and solo portraits, we'll make high quality portraits of the groom with his family and groomsmen. This would be a great opportunity to prepare a "mom's first look" at her son all dressed up to get married.

On paper 1.5 hours may look way too long, but weddings don't happen on time down to the minute. One time a groom was 30 minutes late for pictures. Had we scheduled only 30 minutes for pictures, which a lot of inexperienced photographers do, we would have missed all those pictures. But since we scheduled 1.5 hours, we had plenty of time to do complete coverage with a great variety of candid, solo and family portraits.

What's so important about pictures of the groom getting ready? First, I would say it's a great opportunity to get casual portraits of the groom with the groomsmen, parents and other family members. Portraits after the ceremony include the bride, but parents and grandparents love relaxed pictures of their "boy" or grandson. They're a nice option to keep for historical purposes.

Getting ready is also a great time to capture the emotion, fashion, and mood of the groom as he prepares to marry his beautiful bride. It allows us some play time to create personal art.

This allows the bride and her bridesmaids and family plenty of time to get hair and makeup done in the morning. to focus on hair and makeup includes every thing post hair and makeup. Occasionally hair and makeup will be going on when I arrive to photograph the bride.

It seems like a lot of photography time

That's because most photographers don't invest