Wedding Album Care and Maintenance, Album Storage Tips

So you’ve decided to protect your wedding photography by getting an album. Wise choice! A little wedding album care and maintenance will help give your pictures the longest life.

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Album storage

Your album is made of the finest materials and techniques (if you got it from Joel Nisleit Photography). So it’s meant for you to enjoy and display. Feel free to keep it on a book shelf, coffee table or other prominent place.

However, don’t keep it where the sun will bake it. UV light damages fabrics and colors over time. The best album storage environment is an air conditioned place at typical room temperature. Avoid placing it near vents, humid environments or where the temperature will change drastically.

The best album storage option is in a custom designer case from Joel Nisleit Photography. The slip cases are like giant DVD cases and are made to support the pages and spine vertically. Your book will come in a natural box and tissue paper, but the custom case is recommended because it’s more stylish, slim and presentable.

If you don’t have a custom case from Joel Nisleit Photography, or similar album storage option, it’s best to store the album flat in a protective box. Or store it straight upright on a shelf, not leaned.


Never, ever put any liquid on the album or its pages. Fingerprints are best cleaned immediately with a dry microfiber cloth and feather-light pressure. Rub in a circular motion. Don’t press hard or rub too long, or you could rub off the finish of the photo.


No album page is completely waterproof. It’s up to you to avoid spills, so avoid placing the album near where you’re eating or setting a drink. If you spill on a page, dab it with a microfiber until dry, but avoid spreading the spill.

Use good sense (there’s no such thing as common sense). Avoid handling the album with greasy hands or in dirty environments. And don’t take it out in the elements, etc. Always treat it like a priceless family heirloom because it is.


Do not attempt wedding album repair yourself. If any pages become damaged, Joel Nisleit Photography will repair your album for a fee. The lab will replace a maximum of three pages. If you would like, you may also order mini companion albums for backup or parent gifts.

Show it off!

You deserve to show off that beautiful custom heirloom album. So let all your friends and family see it, and every now and then relive your own romantic fairy tale.

With proper wedding album care and maintenance, Joel Nisleit Photography albums are made to last a few hundred years if not more. With these tips, I hope you’ll be able to avoid costly wedding album repair and keep your original heirloom in great shape.

Check out a real client album from Joel Nisleit Photography!

I’m Joel Nisleit, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin wedding photographer helping couples avoid wedding album repair so they can enjoy their beautiful pictures for years to come. Contact me today for your wedding photography.

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