West Bend Wedding Locations for Getting Ready, Hampton Inn and Suites

If you’re looking for West Bend wedding locations for getting ready, Hampton Inn and Suites offers spacious clean rooms with great window light.

As a more classic wedding photographer, I take care to eliminate as much distraction and clutter as possible. We moved a lamp, or it would’ve been in the background. I’m a stickler for stuff like that. So I’m always open about using direction when necessary.

west bend wedding locations groom getting ready hampton inn suites

One of my favorite quotes is from Cliff Mautner: “I used to be a photojournalist. Now I’m a wedding photographer.” It’s a nod to the power of pure photojournalism with an understanding that we’re not really at a wedding to document something new and breaking.

I’m hired to make my clients look stunning in random conditions. I often have short amounts of time to create a story that reflects a romantic ideal. If you want hard and gritty, I’m not the photographer for that.

I usually begin by photographing any personal details, the only one of which this time was Chris’ Batman socks.

batman socks for groom

After the socks and white shirt, it’s on to the jacket and hero shots, followed by family portraits.

I’m Joel Nisleit, a classic West Bend wedding photographer for real couples having real weddings who don’t want to cut corners or get anything cheesy. Contact me today so I can serve the aesthetic and historical significance of your wedding.

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