Riveredge Nature Center Wedding Ceremony, West Bend, Chris + Ashley

Chris and Ashley’s Riveredge Nature Center wedding ceremony in August was nothing short of warm, beautiful, natural and full of love. Find out what makes Riveredge Nature Center one of the best outdoor wedding venues in West Bend and surrounding areas.

outdoor wedding venues in west bend riveredge nature center ceremony chris ashley
After eyeing up two main locations for the ceremony, Chris and Ashley chose a third, and it was perfect. They chose a beautiful backdrop of nature for the ceremony and green lawn under a tree for guests.
mom walking bride aisle outdoor nature wedding ceremony west bend riveredge center
Ashley’s proud mother walks her down the aisle with such excitement.
dad officiant ceremony riveredge nature center west bend outdoor wedding
Chris’ father performing the ceremony gave it just the right personal touch. No need for anything elaborate. Just close family and friends. It’s about a commitment to love after all.

riveredge nature center west bend wedding outdoor ceremony venue location altar bride groom

It was literally 10 minutes from the time Chris walked down the aisle to the time he walked out with Ashley, meaning the ceremony itself was only a few minutes. Wow!

The speedy ritual meant I was frantically moving around like a bumble bee from flower to flower trying to capture different moments and different angles. This is one of the times I have to be a photojournalist.

recessional outdoor wedding ceremony location riveredge nature center west bend wisconsin
Look at those beaming smiles! Ashley and Chris were giddy as two school kids, so happy to take their first steps as husband and wife. I’m honored to have been a part of it.

For only a few minutes to tell the story, I think I did well and they’ll be able to cherish the big moments.

I’m Joel, a West Bend wedding photographer who loves working at outdoor wedding venues in West Bend. Contact me today so I can serve the aesthetic and historical significance of your wedding.

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