Wedding Photo Locations Near Hartford, Richfield Historical Park, Emily

Brides who want rustic and charming wedding photo locations near Hartford can check out Richfield Historical Park. It has lots of green space, rustic buildings, floral landscaping and a bridge with wooden fence.

wedding photo locations near hartford richfield historical park
Richfield Historical Society offers tremendous photo locations for brides looking for something rustic and charming. Here the bridesmaids are having fun with the bride’s veil. If you’re looking for wedding photo locations near Hartford, check out Richfield Historical Park.

When I see a bride all prettied up with a veil or long dress, I think Cinderella. And I don’t know why I think Cinderella because she didn’t have maids. She was a maid, whose step sisters treated her like crap.

But Cinderella did have helpful fairy godmothers and birds who magically whipped together a stunning gown and made sure Cinderella was perfect, and I guess that’s where my idea of bridesmaids fussing over the bride comes from. Plus, it’s something bridesmaids actually do.

So bridesmaids helping the bride are some of my favorite pictures. I used  backlighting for a couple of reasons. One, it’s easier than trying to light a group of people any other way. Direct sun causes dark, squinty eyes, and big lights take time to set up and dial in.

Second, backlight emphasizes texture in translucent objects (like veils), plus it provides a dramatic pop against a dark background. That doesn’t mean I always shoot a veil backlit. In fact, I try to incorporate the veil many different ways.

wedding photo locations near hartford richfield historical park
Bridesmaids help straighten out the dress for pictures at Richfield Historical Society in Wisconsin. I’m always looking for little ways to imply or include action in a portrait. Action and movement help tell the story.

Many photographers use backlight to get flare in their images, either out of ignorance or on purpose in an attempt to copy what seems to be a popular look. Most of the flare I see is just classically bad photography that people will regret 20 years from now, so I avoid it when possible.

Joel Nisleit is a Hartford wedding photographer who focuses on classical wedding portraits for real couples with real weddings. Contact me today so I can serve the aesthetic and historical significance of your wedding.

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