Milwaukee Wedding Photographer Giving Back

It’s nice to see a Milwaukee wedding photographer giving back. That’s one reason I use only a special line of USB drives to deliver digital art.

A portion of each custom flash drive I order automatically goes to benefit the Soul Society, which helps poor and orphaned children in third world countries. The people who provide the flash drives make the donation with the proceeds from purchases.

custom usb drive milwaukee wedding photographer giving back

This is only one of many reasons I exclusively use these flash drives out of the hundreds of varieties available. The USBs are luxurious crystal, and the boxes are faux snake and alligator. If I can deliver luxury and help someone along the way, that’s a good opportunity.

custom usb drive milwaukee wedding photographer giving back alligator box

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To learn more about the Soul Society, please visit their website.Image

I’m Joel, a Milwaukee wedding photographer giving back through the Soul Society. Contact me today so I can serve the aesthetic and historical significance of your wedding.

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