Hilton Milwaukee City Center Wedding, Evan + Shannon

What was the perfect “solution” for Evan and Shannon’s Hilton Milwaukee City Center wedding on April 30? Green of course!4

Instead of a sand ceremony, the couple of scientists poured colored liquids into a jar, creating a new color symbolizing both of their contributions to a successful marriage.

Anyone who looked at Shannon immediately knew she’d found “the dress.” During one portrait at the Hilton, one of the bridesmaids commented that Shannon looked “like 20’s glam.” The lace details, the sequins, the beautiful train and the classic veil and earrings — Shannon rocked it all the way!

Hilton Milwaukee City Center wedding
Shannon at one of my favorite Milwaukee, Wisconsin wedding venues, the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, a 1920s hotel.

Bridal preparations in the Juneau room were a dream. There was tons of space, nearly-full-length windows, velvety tasseled curtains, sconces and a large mirror. We could have photographed in there for weeks.

Any groom would love getting ready in the Oak room, with its rich wood paneling, dramatic chandeliers, spaciousness and large windows. If you want a glamorous location with historic character, a Hilton Milwaukee City Center wedding is for you.

With a stop for wedding portraits at the Milwaukee Art Museum, the women showed off their deep blue, knee-length dresses covered in lace. The bouquets featured a fresh spring assortment of whites, pinks and purples.

Shannon, Evan and I knew early on we were a good fit because we all love The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Star Trek. From the TV show theme songs during their processional and first dance to the Periodic Table of Seating, it was a blast to be part of every minute and an experience I’ll cherish.

To make them kiss at the reception, Shannon and Evan asked that you be able to name a famous scientist. The easiest choices were Tesla and Newton, the names of their dogs (who were the flower girl and ring bearer). Find a way to make “the kiss” a game for your guests.

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I go all out for my clients, including the special effects shots. Shannon and Evan wanted the wedding party to be running from AT-ATs from Star Wars. We also made some light saber duel shots at night.

star wars wedding photo

The glamorous wedding aside, it was when I was getting my lights together something special happened. Shannon and Evan started playing with their light sabers like a couple of middle school kids and talking about how they would crush each other as Jedi or snipers that I got a glimpse of how great they are for each other.

This Hilton in Milwaukee City Center wedding illustrates why the hotel is one of my favorite venues for both ceremony and reception. The staff are friendly and helpful. The food is delicious and guests will love the atmosphere. The place is a playground for a classic Milwaukee wedding photographer like me.

I had so much fun at Shannon and Evan’s wedding. Congratulations to this fantastic couple who are just perfect for each other. Thanks so much for having me as your wedding photographer!


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