What Makes the Beaver Dam Country Club Wedding Venue Great

The Beaver Dam Country Club wedding venue, located on the northern end of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, has been a magical place for romantic couples to host their receptions.

Maybe it’s the beautiful golf course that becomes a playground for the dreamiest portraits. Maybe it’s the spacious dining room. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They’ve been kind in providing me golf carts to find the best spots for pictures.

Favorite portrait spots

What makes Beaver Dam Country Club great for a country club wedding starts with the gorgeous views the golf course affords, right in the back yard of your reception. Lush green spaces, hills, gravel paths and a wooden fence stand out as photo opportunities.

Don’t worry about time of day because the right photographer can find opportunities in any light with the diversity of the grounds. Mid day or sunset, both will provide beautiful portrait opportunities.


Inside you have a spacious dining area with optional divider for large or small parties. It features a large bar adjacent to a hardwood dance floor under a vaulted ceiling. There’s even a stage for your entertainment.

A decorative brick wall separate the foyer from the main dining/dance/bar area. This could provide an optional space for your cake and signing tables. There’s no divider between the bar and dining area.

To see how BDCC will fit your country club wedding needs, contact Brenda at 920-885-6614 or brenda@beaverdamcc.com.

I’m Joel, a Wisconsin wedding photographer who can make amazing portraits no matter where you have your country club wedding. Contact me today for the respect and results you deserve.

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