Wedding Expos Are for Getting to Know Vendors, not Collecting Brochures

I don’t blame you for filling those bags from wedding expos with every freebie you can get your hands on, even if you throw it all out the next day.

But what’s the quality of the relationship you’re getting from that bag? Where will your brochures and price sheets be when it’s 2 minutes until you walk down the aisle?

If all you do at wedding expos is take information, Google could have provided you more. Focus your time on interacting with professionals. It’s the one thing Google can’t provide you in a search.

Don’t take any bags

My challenge to you is don’t bring a bag and don’t take one at the show. Instead, use your time to focus on conversations with your favorite vendors.

Rather than a bag, bring a notebook and perhaps a pocket folder, for only your favorite vendors. Your wedding will be successful or not because of people, not because of discounts or brochures. Treat wedding expos like a practice meeting, a date, if you will.

Set up meetings

The best way to get to know the people who will make a difference is to set up a meeting with them away from the hustle of the show. Don’t think of it as a sales consult. The best vendors won’t. Think of it as a chance to get away from the stress of thinking about everything in a vacuum. It’s your personal time with the experts who’ll make the biggest difference in your wedding.

Don’t worry about missing offers. Whether you take a brochure or not, anyone offering a special will extend it to you if you meet with them.

Shows are also a golden opportunity to get a feel for how people will engage you as service providers. Ask hard questions, like how a photographer would conquer a lighting concern, or how an officiant would emotionally engage with you. Don’t waste time on basic stuff that their websites can answer, like packages or style.

Next time you go to a bridal show, forget the bag and bring a calendar and notebook. You’ll make it much easier on yourself to find the right vendors if you focus on relationships, not brochures.

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What have you liked or disliked about bridal shows? Leave a comment and let me know!

I’m Joel, a Wisconsin wedding photographer who can help you get the most out of wedding expos and provide a dream photography experience. Contact me today and I’ll be happy to help in your quest for dream wedding photography.

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