Wedding Expo Tips for Brides

Make your next visit to any bridal show a breeze and get more done once you know the top 12 wedding expo tips for brides.

  1. Pre-register online and buy tickets before the show to save money.
  2. Use a junk email and phone number for the registration, but please use a real one for contests and vendors you’re interested in.
  3. Take with you an agenda for what you want to accomplish at the show. Contact your favorite vendors in advance to see if they’ll be doing any shows.
  4. Get a floor map (usually from the event website or coordinators) and circle the vendors you want to see. Then walk the show in a pattern to avoid going all over the place.
  5. Talk with photographers and planners first, if feasible, since brides usually book them earliest.
  6. Bring a notepad and your personal calendar (smartphones work too!)
  7. Prepare stickers with your name, address, phone, real email, wedding date and location to put on entry forms and signup sheets.
  8. Set up a post-show meeting with the vendors you’re most interested in, and take advantage of any offers or contests they have. The show isn’t the best place for a full consult or booking with most vendors.
  9. Grab a selfie with vendors you’re interested in — one for your notes and one for the vendor’s Facebook page! At least take a booth shot of your favorites.
  10. Bring only people whom you’re comfortable making big decisions with. Remember this is about you.
  11. Prepare for being on your feet most of the show and dress comfortably. Assume the venue will be cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
  12. Have a good time and go out for lunch or dinner afterward. You’ve earned it!

wedding expo tips brides

Download the Wedding Expo Tips cheat sheet

Click right here for my top 12 wedding show hacks to save time, get only what you need, and enjoy your day.

My wife and I have been where you are, in the midst of planning a wedding. We were looking for wedding photographers and venues, anything to make it easier to find solutions. Go through the checklist before your next bridal show and streamline your visit.

Joel Nisleit is a Wisconsin wedding photographer looking to tell a romantic story you’ll want to showcase. Want more help? Contact me today and I’ll be happy to help in your quest for dream wedding photography.

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