4 Tips for Hiring a Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Before hiring a Wisconsin wedding photographer, follow these four quick steps to put your mind at ease.

Address your questions or concerns

Make it about what you want and need, but don’t just go by what’s on paper or the website. See the photographer’s results, hear from previous clients and evaluate how well the photographer is serving you right now, not just how they say they’ll serve you. Whatever you want to know, ask until you understand, and don’t expect anyone to read your mind.

Take another look

Look at the photographer’s work and pricing. Review her galleries, ask to see samples in person, and get acquainted with the overall look of her work. It doesn’t make sense to choose a photographer whose work you don’t really like just because it saves you money.

Meet in person

if you haven’t already. A face to face meeting is worth 10 phone calls, 100 emails and 1,000 website views. Specifically, a meeting provides three things a price sheet can’t: confidence, samples and relevant advice.

Get a quote

Ask for a specific quote and get suggestions or alternative options to choose from. A professional works to understand what you want before just throwing you a bunch of numbers and lists that may not be relevant or helpful. Ask how to book and make sure you get pricing and terms of service in writing.


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