5 Reasons to Get a Second Photographer for Your Wedding

Wisconsin’s best wedding photographers are offering or including a second photographer, and more brides than ever are hiring them. Find out the best reasons to have a second photographer for your wedding.

Ceremony coverage

The ceremony is the most important thing you can’t do over, so you must get proper coverage as it happens. Especially if your ceremony is less than 30 minutes, there simply isn’t enough time for one photographer to cover the main shots and get secondary details. For example, it’s almost impossible to get the groom’s reaction to seeing the bride for the first time while also getting the bride’s first expressions as she comes down the aisle.


Two places at once

While you should plan to have the main photographer cover as much as possible, including both the bride and groom getting ready, certain things just overlap, and it helps to delegate. There are too many moments going on at once for one photographer to get everything. Plus a lot of “firsts” happen simultaneously between multiple people. While it may not be as ideal as having the main photographer do everything, two photographers never decreases coverage, and it always saves time.

Extra candid coverage

Candid coverage is unplanned, spontaneous photography that you can easily miss if you aren’t at the exact right location at the exact right time. If candid coverage is a priority, a second photographer is practically essential to have for the entire day. It greatly increases your chances of getting good spontaneous images, and it can help free the main photographer to craft images with more design.

Reception, ceremony or other details

Going back to the two places at once discussion, getting clean shots of your amazing reception or ceremony venues in their full, unmolested glory will make for a better photo story. Sometimes unavoidably, it’s impossible for the main photographer to capture one thing and also get to the venue in time to photograph it undisturbed. Having a second photographer to spend time on these shots can well be worth the investment.


Not to be crude, but the more tools you have at your disposal, the better chances you have of getting the results you want. A second photographer good insurance for those critical moments when you want double coverage. If one is great, two is greater.

What if I can’t get a second photographer?

It’s certainly possible to get amazing results with one photographer. But it’s all the more important to plan for them. Talk in detail about your schedule and shot list in advance. Also, ask if you can hire a second by the hour.

What else should I know?

For high-end single and multiple photographer experiences, including hourly second photographer coverage, contact Joel Nisleit Photography and learn how you can get amazing results.

* Why are you glad you hired a second photographer? Please let me know in the comments below!

Joel Nisleit is a Wisconsin wedding photographer searching for the next rock star couple who wants a knock-out photography result. Will you join the couples before you who dared to love their pictures? Contact Joel for more information.

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