All collections include these special services and products:




Skip the brain pain and time of sorting out hundreds of images, frustrating story layout and printing that even hardcore DIY couples don't finish, and they'd never end up with anything like this. Your book design is done ahead of the reveal. All you do is approve or revise, choose your swag and I take care of the rest.















Power to personalize


You'll love customizing your album to be one of a kind, with choices of the finest materials, photo panels, cut-out windows, protective covers, imprinting and combination materials!











The family crystal




You don't want to trust your entire wedding to digital, but what you store it on should look as good as what's on it. Your flash drive will be an engraved crystal nestled in a faux alligator or snakeskin jewel box.







Real beauty goes deeper than the surface


With each wholesale purchase of the luxury flash drives and jewel boxes that go into my collections, a portion goes to the Soul Society to improve conditions for poor and orphaned children in third-world countries.


And more:




  • Ceremony only or full-day coverage with Joel
  • Non-shooting photo assistant to facilitate artistry and make your day easier
  • Digital wedding proofs at full-res, professionally developed + personal license
  • Album design service with 3 revision rounds
  • Complete retouch on album pages
  • Complete retouch on wall art 11x14+
  • Online wedding gallery for sharing & ordering








Invest in an heirloom collection starting at 1999


What are your packages?


I'm glad you're interested! Every wedding is different so after a quick chat I'll be happy to help with pricing information and options that fit your needs and preferences.


What if we just want the digital files?


They come with the album. Plus I prefer to work with couples who want to put their breathtaking pictures into print, which in my experience is virtually all couples. If you don't get the idea of printing, we're not on the same page as to what wedding pictures are about. Let me complete the job you hired me to do. You'd be annoyed if you ordered a $20 pizza and the chef forgot to slice it, and that's just a $20 pizza. A wedding without printed art is like ordering a pizza and getting a bag of ingredients.


Can you do an hourly rate


Clients typically look for one of two coverages: full-day, or ceremony only, so my collections reflect that. Also, because you're committing to a collection of products and services together, I can offer them at prices much less than if you were to order them individually or by the hour. In addition, the hours of coverage apply only to the wedding day and are only part of the 50+ hours I invest into your wedding, so you're getting lots of value per hour.


I dig the full-day option, but do we really need 12 hours?


You may not need the full 12 hours and I may not need to stay that long, but anything past 6 hours becomes a full wedding workload. The hours are included at a collection price so you won't have to worry about paying steep fees like what some photographers charge for extra hours. You can rest assured I'll be there to cover it.


Why do you need to include a non-shooting assistant.


We're all a team there to make your day a success. An assistant enables me to do two things at once. They help with lighting, decluttering, go-fering, holding stuff and they also can give you an extra hand if you need it. An assistant takes stress off of the wedding day and more. I used to shoot without one, so I can tell you from experience photographers without assistants can be less efficient and more limited in the kinds of images they can produce.


I'm interested and I'd love to find out your pricing!






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