Showcasing the character of beauty in all its forms.


Our pictures are the best ever! We received many compliments from family and friends on how incredible the quality of the photos were.... Thanks Joel for leaving us with fantastic memories!


Absolutely amazed by the quality of your work!

Stephanie & Jeff

The quality of his work is unique and exceptional.... He takes time to make sure everything is just right while shooting the images, and the end result is beyond what we were expecting.



7 things you need to know about me:

Horicon Beaver Dam wedding photographerJoel Nisleit Self PortraitIf you're looking for the best Horicon, Beaver Dam or Fond du Lac photographer, stop right here.

1. Whom are you sending to the line?

When in 5, 10, 20 years life hands you perspective on how important photographs are, you don't want to be thinking of how you should have done more when you had the chance. When it comes to a wedding photographer's responsibility, it's like a championship game with 0.5 seconds left and a free throw could win it. Put the best person on the line now. As a husband I get how important this is, which is why I don't just photograph weddings. I help build legacies.


Wedding Portraits of Derek & SaraWedding Portraits of Derek & SaraPortraits of Derek and Sara, family and wedding party at Cathedral of St. John, Lake Park, Villa Filomena.

2. There's no list or online picture board for this.

If you want an adventure, you have to leave behind what you know. I commit extraordinary time to developing custom plans and lists, as my clients will testify. But there's no list for the the bride and groom behind an etched glass doorway at Villa Filomena, their lips on the verge of touching, the focus on the glass and lack of color conveying an intimate mood. The best stuff isn't on the must-have guide.

3. No magical post-processing.

This is how Shannon, a grad student and scientist, looked through my lens at the time of capture. All of the art and magic are made live in camera and only gently edited, so your portraits remain organic and pure as a Renaissance painting, not overcooked in a computer or hit with every trendy filter. It's simple, true-to-life.


Madison Wisconsin wedding photographer locations venuesMadison capitol building wedding portraitsEvery bride and groom deserve classically romantic pictures. Ron and Jessi loved their portraits at the state capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin.

4. Real couples, real weddings. No models. No styled shoots.

I've never done a styled shoot where vendors get together and stage everything for portfolios -- for the same reason I like street magicians more than stage magicians. I love the excitement of magic that takes place with you, right where you are. It's not constrained to location, time, the name of your hair stylist or dress designer, or even body type. It's in the wild waiting for the right person to grab it.

5. Shhh! I won't tell the police if you won't.

If it matters how the pictures are made, here's the deal: It's a wedding, not a crime scene. Nobody likes being in front of the camera trying to guess what to do. And nobody likes a nasty distraction in every picture that the photographer didn't fix for fear of desecrating the "truth." Bah. Whether it's helping you find the light, adding a moment to the story, take advantage of an awesome location, sometimes I direct or rearrange the evidence for a better shot. There, I admitted it. I won't interrupt the natural story. And I won't tell the photojournalism police. They'd have a conniption.


Evan's Groom Preparations at Hilton MilwaukeeEvan's Groom Preparations at Hilton

6. Wedding photography is for men, too.

If there's one trend no one is talking about, it's photographers overlooking guys on the wedding day. Justice be done to the bride, no question, but what about the groom? If you're a guy, chances are you'll feel more important, included and usually a lot more excited about the whole experience after you see how a collection from me looks. If flowers, invite colors and shoe styles haven't been holding your attention, take deeper look at pictures.


Horicon Beaver Dam wedding photographerJoel Nisleit Self PortraitIf you're looking for the best Horicon, Beaver Dam or Fond du Lac photographer, stop right here. 7. You're not high, middle or low end.

Spend five hundred bucks on your wedding, or spend tens of thousands. My camera doesn't care. Your pictures are only as good as they make you feel what you always wished the wedding would be like. challenge is the same at all weddings: You can't truly preserve a day or even a moment. You can only live it, and then it's gone. All you can capture is an impression in a 35 mm frame. But when it's done just right, it'll like you lived a fairy tale.


Low budget or high budget Others: Photojournalism, lifestyle, modern, fine art, candid, honest. Me: Sinful.

I won't leave you hanging after the wedding.

While most photographers are patting themselves on the back for a job well done after dropping a USB in the mail, I'm making your first album design to give you an easy starting point, organizing your pictures by category so they're easier to find, and making the hors d' oeuvres and chilling the wine for your reveal party. You may be on your honeymoon, but I don't celebrate until the album is on your coffee table.


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