Wisconsin wedding photographer Joel NisleitBest Wedding Photography AlbumsMy Wisconsin wedding photography clients get only the finest custom designed albums hand-made in the United States. Built for a legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What if I don't feel photogenic or don't like my pictures taken?
    • I know how annoying it can be when a photographer says "Just be yourself" and immediately you crave feedback on what you're doing. None of that cheesiness here. I do real "photographer" things in a conversational way, when necessary, to help you, mom, grandparents and whomever be their most brilliant, without interrupting natural magic.
  • What if I don't want any direction at all?
    • A full day of pure candid wedding photography is a myth that photojournalists sell. Generally they all direct somehow. Also, There's a small handful of strict adherents to "camera-unaware" photography, a few who could truly call themselves photojournalists for a whole day, but their work tends to be more gritty and raw, which is great if that's the lasting impression you're going for.
  • Is booking easy?
    • Yes. After an initial visit, everything you need is delivered electronically, including contracts, and I guide you throughout the process from booking all the way to the album pickup. I'll meet at least twice with you before the wedding, sometimes more. I answer emails quickly.
  • How do I book you?
  • Will my pictures really be like what's in your portfolio?
    • Yes. Unlike photographers who cherry-pick their portfolio to get you to book and then give you something totally different, you can see my actual client albums for a good idea of my consistency and style.
  • Have you shot at my venue before?
    • I may have shot there before, but it's OK if I haven't. Skill will be a much bigger factor overall than how many times a photographer has visited a place. I've trained specifically in weddings and how to create beautiful portraits anywhere in any light.
  • How many hours do I need to set aside for pictures?
    • You can see a sample schedule here but we'll create a custom schedule for your wedding. If you're working with a planner, I'll coordinate with them and you to make sure you have a solid photography plan and realistic expectations.

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Collection Questions

  • I'm sure your albums are worth it and we should probably get one, but we just would like to get the files and make our own later.
    • Have you picked a start date? How exactly will you make it? When will it be convenient to take 40 hours out of your life to do it? All of the hassle, cost and lousy results defeat the purpose of DIY. My purpose for doing albums isn't to make money. It's to make you a true heirloom, not just a "book" but an artifact-grade piece of your history and mark on this planet. You'll save the hassle of DIY and get your book now, not "later."
  • But what if we really, really don't want an album?
    • The only people I've seen who truly don't care about an album, who will never make one on their own and just let their wedding pictures fade out of their lives, are ones who don't care much about pictures to begin with. Since you've read this far, I doubt that's you.
  • Do you include a second photographer?
    • No. It's one of the biggest wastes of money clients make with other photographers, and I'd love to show you why. However, I can build whatever team you need after we chat and figure out your priorities. Read the pros and cons.
  • Who will be with you on the wedding day?
    • There will be an assistant to help move and hold gear, facilitate photography and make your day smoother. The assistant does not photograph. My wife, Heather, usually assists for engagement sessions, but I hire a third party for weddings.

  • ​Are there any travel fees?

    • Living in Horicon, Wisconsin I can't do much without traveling. Travel is included up to 65 miles one way from Horicon (130 miles round trip). For longer distances, I charge an agreed upon fee for lodging near the event location to ensure I'll be there fresh and on time.

  • Do you include an engagement session?

    • Engagement sessions are optional for a small commitment to collecting the images. I do recommend them, however, because they're a great chance for us to get comfortable with a camera.

  • What's included with an engagement session?

    • You get two hours of the most stunning, romantic photography you've ever had. I then select about 25-40 images, color correct them and present them as a complete collection available for purchase, in addition to individual digital and print products. For sessions not included with a collection, the fee is a small investment in studio credit for digital or printed art.

  • ​What are your hidden fees?

    • ​Non-existent. All potential fees for the collection you book are disclosed in the quote and contract before you book, and I'm highly inclusive. Anything not included in the collection would be extra if you choose it. You're not required to make any purchases after booking.


Delivery Questions

  • When can we expect to see our pictures?
    • Add 5 weeks to your wedding date. That's when you can expect to schedule your private reveal party where you'll see a custom slideshow, album preview and Web galleries.
  • What are the digital files like?
    • The post production team behind Joel Nisleit Photography is world class and located in Oregon and Wisconsin. My color correction team edits each select individually to my preferences. There's no mass processing. This team does editing faster, more accurately and more consistency than I could. Then I export the final collection directly from the corrected raw files to full-resolution, fine JPEG.

  • What effects do you use?

    • I use only light and in-camera technique. Only rarely will I use a black-and-white filter or some toning. I don't believe in popular processed looks like vintage, pastel, matte, anything where the contrast or color is purposely sucked out because those looks contaminate the purity of the image.

  • Are the images retouched? What is retouching?

    • Album images, and wall art, are retouched at no charge when ordered from studio. All other images you receive get professional color correction. Some photographers count basic color correction as "retouching," which it's not, so be careful and know what you're getting. Retouching includes stray hair removal, head swaps or skin smoothing and is painstaking, costly and time consuming.

  • ​How long does it take to get the album?
    • If you approve your design right away, you can expect to have your album within about 8-9 weeks of your wedding date!

  • When do we get the USB?

    • To help expedite the album order, you won't receive your USB drive until you give final approval of the album design. In the mean time, you and your family will have access to your Web gallery for online sharing and ordering. You'll receive your USB and album at the same time. This also ensures the retouched album files get on the USB.

  • ​How many images do we get?

    • ​I focus on quality and story vs. quantity, so I put no minimums or maximums on images. Every wedding is different, and I give every wedding my best coverage. Photographing alone, I typically deliver 500-900 images. With two photographers, it could be anywhere from 800-1,200. Those numbers vary. You need only 80-150 images for a large album.

  • ​Can we see more images or outtakes?

    • No. I cull (on the generous end) and edit the wedding to the point where additional images would be redundant and not significantly add to the story. The outtakes are deleted immediately. It would make no sense for me to hide a great image from you, or the only existing image of a person, even if it's just a candid snap. You're getting the best, most complete story I can deliver, without excess. That's a service, not a penalty.

  • ​Do we get the copyright?

    • You get a license to copy and print the images for personal purposes.

  • Who owns the copyright?

    • Joel Nisleit owns the full copyright and issues licenses as appropriate for use of the work. You may purchase full ownership from Joel Nisleit for a substantial fee, and then you can even say you created them and make a million dollars selling them.


Style and Quality

  • Can you reproduce something I saw on Pinterest?
    • Even if it's my own photo, not enough conditions will be similar for a reproduction. Pinterest boards and extensive shot lists are, in my real world experience, get in the way of the shots you want. I'm happy to try two or three favorites, but the best option is to trust my experience and discover something you haven't seen before.
  • ​Can I give you a shot list? Do you have a shot list?
    • ​I absolutely need an exact list of family groupings to expedite family portraits. I'll help you put this together. I also need unusual requests. The rest comes from experience and inspiration on the wedding day. You don't have to put things like "first dance" or "putting on veil" on the shot list. But you would put on something like "Need one with cousin holding a Coke" because that would be unusual. One of the main reasons to hire me is to not have to worry about getting cool shots.
  • How would you describe your style?



Business & Details

  • I'm a gear head. What kind of gear do you use?

    • High-end professional Nikon DSLR gear, with my primary camera being the Nikon D4. I use Nikkor lenses and Speedlights plus one studio strobe and a variety of other tools. Really heavy stuff that hurts my neck and back. :( I use Lexar and SanDisk pro memory cards.

    • I roll my gear around in an expedition bag strapped to a hand cart. If your wedding photographer shows up with one camera and flash, um, OK.
    • I can't carry a store with me, but I have a few emergency items from body and hair spray to pain relievers and bandages.
  • Do you have backup gear?

    • I bring two cameras to the wedding, plus a variety of lenses. I bring enough light to photograph in a cave and enough memory cards and batteries for 1.5 weddings. Never hire a photographer who brings just one camera or flash.

  • What if something doesn't work or you forget it?

    • As I told one bride, if a photographer hasn't had something not work, he hasn't shot enough weddings. I make great shots with what I have, a particular skill I enjoy using. I've had my wife drive forgotten items to me, and I've had assistants run out and buy stuff (on my dime).

  • How do you protect my images?

    • The images never leave my person. I never leave my camera anywhere without removing the memory cards. I have a secure pouch on my belt that holds used memory cards, so even if all of my gear gets stolen, you'll still have the images. Amazingly many photographers haven't figured this out.

    • I store your images in three locations: two local and one online. Amazingly many photographers have only one local copy.

    • My primary camera itself has one main slot and one backup slot for simultaneous backup of recorded photos. Pretty cool, eh?

  • ​Do you have insurance?

    • ​Of course! I have equipment and liability insurance through a Professional Photographers of America recommended provider. I can provide proof if necessary for venue satisfaction.

  • What do I need to reserve my date?

    • The signed contract and paid retainer. I won't hold your date until then.

  • Can I get a sample contract?

    • When we get to the quote phase, you may see the electronic contract specific to your quote. You can request a print copy to sign if you wish and I encourage you to read every word before you sign any contract.

  • ​Do we have to feed you?

    • ​No. I'm superhuman and don't require food for energy. Of course you have to feed me! This makes sure that I'm present for the reception and not leaving for a meal. And it nourishes me so I don't collapse, which literally could happen if I don't eat after 6 hours of work.