Joel Nisleit Self PortraitJoel Nisleit Self PortraitSelf portrait of studio owner Joel Nisleit. Joel's skills enable him to capture portraits like this in any location, from home to a parking garage.

Welcome students of light! Photography isn't just something I love doing. I also love teaching the art and craft through classes, workshops and one-on-one instruction. If you'd like to work with me in any capacity, including as an assistant, please contact me.


Upcoming Classes:

Please check back later. I'll be doing at least one presentation in 2017. Let me know if you'd be interested in a hands-on workshop.



Zenfolio: Complete Web hosting solution, with image galleries, blog, selling tools.

Nations Photo Lab: Perfect high quality prints when you select color correction.

ExpoDisc: Exposure and White Balance tool

PocketWizard: Flash triggers

Phottix: Flash triggers and other accessories

Adorama: Online photo retailer (my primary source)



UV Filters and Lens Cleaning

TTL Flash Basics

How to Freeze Motion With Flash

Self Portrait Explanation

Exercises Using Manual Flash

About RAW and JPEG Files

Gary Fong Diffusion Dome (Discussion)

The Sunny 16 Rule (More than a rule, a concept for exposing for light quantity, not subject)