Wisconsin wedding photographer Joel NisleitPewitts Nest EngagementJacob and Katie embraced the opportunity to do something adventurous, navigating some stepping stones into the middle of a creek at Pewitts Nest for this engagement portrait. Careful use of natural light gives the image a dramatic look.

The core experience

This is what other couples are Googling, pulling their hair out over and doing themselves -- done for you instead. Because just stuff is for taxidermists.

  • 12, 6 or 4-hour coverage with Joel revolves around the ceremony and how much of the day you want covered
  • Photo assistant means an extra set of hands to help the day go smoother
  • Pre-wedding planning and contact for maximum confidence going into the wedding day
  • Complimentary album design and retouch starting with 20 pages
  • Artist proof JPEGs, full resolution, personal license for copying and printing
  • Digital animated slideshow for quick and easy playback of your wedding highlights on nearly any device
  • Elegant online wedding gallery for sharing & print ordering, convenient for family and friends



Most clients invest 3500 to 1800 in their initial collections. Pricing is custom based on a quick chat about your priorities, preferences and concerns.


You can't download an heirloom.

The hope: "We'll do our own album right after the wedding while it's fresh." The fifth anniversary: "Honey, I know you wanted to go to the movies this weekend, but we really need to stay home and do our wedding album."

Go. Play. Your album won't be in the way. I include a complete initial design, revisions, walk you through options and take care of everything after design approval. Once you have your album, you'll fight to keep it.


Luxury. Responsibly.

You're blessed to have the best wedding ever, the best pictures and the best ways to collect them. So why not share the happiness? Instead of a cheapo mass-production USB drive, you get a crystal engraved with your initials in a synthetic snake or alligator box. But the best part is a portion of wholesale costs automatically goes to the Soul Society to improve the quality of life for poor and orphaned children in third-world countries.


I'm ready to connect


Burning questions:

What makes you so special?

I wish there were one magic answer, but then again I'm not for every couple. I invite you to see the differences and get your questions and concerns addressed so you can make up your own mind. Please contact me to set up an exploration time.


I love your work but I just don't think I can afford you.

Aww, I'm glad you love it. When it comes to something you really love, it's always a big decision. But are you the type who settles for something you don't really love? I hope not, for your spouse's sake. ;-) My collections, retainers and installment are so flexible that most couples can afford to build the legacies they really want.


What will happen when I get in touch?

I'll answer any initial questions you have, share any resources that might help, and invite you to set up an exploration time. Should you want to book immediately, I can arrange that, but most couples find it more helpful to explore the experience first.


Isn't a meeting a trick to pressure me to sign?

No because I don't even ask for a booking during an exploration session. Exploration is where you dig into your questions, concerns and priorities. You'll get to know me, my samples and process so you can make up your own mind. If you choose to move forward, you'll get a custom quote and reasonable time to make a decision as a couple or family. If not, I wish you the best and would be happy to refer a qualified photographer if one fits.


Every other photographer posts or sends detailed pricing. Why don't you?

"Every other photographer" is the most boring thing I could be, and my clients generally appreciate a more human connection. I customize quotes rather than assume one size fits all. There are competitive reasons also. I'm really not the only one who does it this way. I just thought it made a more compelling question.


I'd love to meet but I have to work it out with my fiancé, our schedules are so hectic, we live in different states, etc.

I hear you. I have a wife, two foster children, a business and a home to take care of. Life is busy, and it's important. So I'd be happy to set up a video chat or phone call if nothing else works. The busier you are, the more time I can save you with quick responses, precise suggestions and reliable expertise. These pictures will be a permanent part of your life, so if they're not worth a few minutes to chat about, you may prefer a photographer with a reduced commitment to your wedding.

I'm ready to connect



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